Monday, 02 October 2023


Resonance has more than 30 years of history and expertise in manufacturing API, intermediate and speciality chemicals. The lab, pilot facility and plant facility are well equipped to support synthesis, process optimization and manufacturing. Our facility is WHO GMP certified. We follow cGMP as per the ICH Q7 guidelines.

Complex Chemistry and Complicated Molecules:

We have experience in running several reactions at lab, pilot and plant scale. We choose to work only on projects that involve multiple steps and where our research and development teams can add value. Focus on these attribute have enabled us to develop molecules such as Atropine, Buprenorphine, and Clidinium.

Critical Attention to Customer Needs – Building “Bonds Beyond Chemistry”:

Our management has experience at global corporations (including finished dose marketers) and as a result the company understands the customers' need for timeliness of deliverables and communications. In fact, our principle of “bonds beyond chemistry” is intended to reflect our aspiration of delivering not just a product or service but an experience of true partnership and value to our customer.

Focus on Employees:

Another manifestation of “bonds beyond chemistry” is the strong retention policy for good talent and a comprehensive view towards employee needs beyond the company compound walls. Several employees have been with the company since its formation and company has attracted new talent in its quest for further growth.


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